"It's about the melody. the beat. the sound and the voice. the clash of the senses. dramatically usual. dreamlike bleak. marvelous beautiful. the crumbling of the dream. and the essence of passion. a thousand times believed dead. and rose again. my love, my music."


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Who is Shoemansky?


Shoemansky aka Andreas J. is a Swiss Music Producer, born in Winterthur (Zurich). 


At the age of 17, he founded his first band “Critical Acid” acting as composer and producer. the style at that time: funk mixed with pop. In the next 8 years the band gave hundreds of concerts, published 4 albums and won the swiss music award "Kleiner Prix Walo". In 2004 Andreas & friends founded a new band, called “The Avenue” . They also published one album called "Borderlands". The style changed to popmusic and swiss radios started playing their songs. 


After a break he started to compose and produce his own personal songs as the solo artist known as “Shoemansky”  - and here we are. Over the last years he produced several albums. Totally focused on his own style and taste, without any compromises. 


Being part of inspiring online communities means a lot to him. He constantly gets a lot of inspiration and motivation from other artists around the world.


It's possible, that a song gets finished in one or two days. Of course - in such a process he's not focused on "perfection", It's more like a hybrid of live performed music and studio production. His "virtual stages" are online channels like Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. He loves to collaborate with other talented artists around the globe...thats the "cherry on the cake" and often makes "the difference"!


...and only the sky is the limit! 


© by Shoemansky