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Locked (feat. Shadow the Truth & Luliby)
Lyrics by Shadow the Truth

In a long time war/ just a metaphorical warrior with oft drawn sword/ headed for the long road and I'm locked on course... I'm locked. (REPEATx1)


They say that it's supposed to be the land of the free, but to me this is the land of the cheats/

they got the minimum wages they hand to the people but that's before they get to taxes for each/

So most of them have resorted to scratching a cheap, living out of what they can gather in heaps/

so why do we worship figures compulsively hoarding wealth when it's clearly no more than an act of greed?/

see I make barely enough to afford the bills, so that I'm physically living but I'm dead inside/

I'm too poor to afford to get a life, and I regret it every morning when I'm left alive/

they say it gets better, alrighty then, when-ever, the days of the red letters are a myth or they're never near/

if I wasn't a coward I'd have already powered through it, devoured 'bout a thousand powdered pills with some everclear/

listen homie, this isn't enough/ how can you reach for the sky when you're living in muck?/

and I know that everybody wants a piece of the pie, but I'm getting really tired of only nibbling crust/

and I'm stuck/ I've no hope cuz/ the american dream is broken and mostly over/

embarrassing as it seems, the only way to apparently sieze it's by going road and boat over to nova scotia/




Old heads known to just dismiss it like we're getting thrown checks every other minute as we freeload/

But I've been working hard full time with mental scars and I do not get to recharge because I do not get PTO/

Tried to be a man for a cause, that plan's vanished, gone, I'm struggling to handle the odds/

and I cannot stop, as a calamitous pause, is all that's needed for me to re-open pandora's box/

so sad, hence the slow drags of cannabis/ and so mad, I'm a dope, I should've planned for this/

but bro, that's a habit, cuz the known fact is these throwback politicians are so happy scamming us/

buh-bye y'all. I'm over that, abandon ship/ I'm scrambling to Canada with hopes that there's advantages/

try hard to get my old hat soul back, never go back, and ride off in the topaz and amethyst/

and that's the sunset... Pay attention now, we ain't done yet.../


They say that it's supposed to be the home of the brave, but to me this is the home of disparity/

i know it with clarity, it seems so unfair to be hoarding assorted rarities when some others can only afford to barely breathe/

No remorse, of course there's a hope for charity/

hordes of the proletariat counting their stores up carefully/

no therapy, the complaint of the people is/

we're not living beyond our means, we're not given the means to live/

and there are those who would die before they alter the laws/

but why die on a hill for such an obstinate cause?/

it's because of this i offer up this promised resolve/

if i ever meet Mitch mcconnell then I'm rocking his jaw/

the whole republican crowd is an ignorant sect/

saying socialisms an imminent and sinister threat/

then before they all can so much as even finish the breath/

they'll turn around and willingly accept a stimulus check/

and former president dump couldn't keep his twitters in check/

I'm hoping somebody will scissor kick this twit in the neck/ for all his disrespect...




how's that for a greater sin?/

we won't accept it from our video games but we'll take the hit/

when there are major stakes into the way we live/

we lay back and accept they've changed the nation to blatantly pay to win?/

let the Hunger Games begin, when they find us an apt locale/

they will pit us against each other, and call it Battle Royale/

we are practically cattle, driving worker production/

they are in padded castles, thriving but cursing us/

'cause we have the audacity to act like we deserve a cut/

for the services we all must provide as the workers of/ 

these corporations that couldn't give a f... Nevermind


these days i can maybe try to be/

less than overwhelmed with the hell that is my anxiety/

smile on my face while inside i can rage silently/

never on display though I'm feeling the pain vibrantly/

biding my time in my base till the date i can be/

riding on my way, try to make my escape quietly/

And I'll attempt to prevent that thought from sinking/

while my conscience often says it's a product of wishful thinking/

and maybe it's spot-on and I'm locked in the same routine/

with self-hatred for company plaguing my daily dreams/

and possibly it'll be impossible to gaze the scene/

of standing on guard for thee and the maple leaves and poutine/

i know it's difficult/... hence the cynical/

bitterness that's imprinted every limit of my inner soul/

hence the digging in and gritted teeth and physical/

difference as imminent betterment is the bigger goal/



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